Member Spotlight

February, 2021

Scott Gray

Scott Gray

Name: Scott Gray

Position: Tenor 2

What drew you to join the chorus?

I have loved performing and being in show for a long time now, but only really got into it in 2007 by being in a teacher cast of Buy Buy Birdie at the school where I teach.  My former roommate and close friend Norbert who sings with the chorus asked me if I were interested in trying out.  I was so humbled that he would ask me to join. So I auditioned and was happily accepted!

What do you enjoy the most about being involved with this chorus?

I immediately was struck by a couple of things…one, how amazingly professional everyone is. Everyone’s attention to detail is too notch. Second and more important is how wonderful and welcoming everyone is. It’s one of the highlights of my week to sit down with these great people and brush aside the stresses and just sing and learn the craft.

What value does being in the chorus bring to your life?

In these times I needed something that truly lifted me up. I wish I could express how much gratitude I have for everyone. It’s been a struggle for me personally living through such uncertainty.  I feel I was given a gift.  Much love to you all.

Why is music and/or the arts important to you?

It lifts my soul and brings together everyone and everything. It binds us together and reminds us we are all in this together. It’s the universal language of love and life.

What is an interesting fact you would like our audience/patrons to know about you?

I am a middle school teacher to eighth graders for over 23 years and I STILL love my job.  My favorite show I did was Shrek the musical. I played the lead role, and I never even was in a musical until I was in my 30s.  My family is everything to me and I am truly blessed to have them.