Member Spotlight

January, 2021

Blake Sherman

Blake Sherman

Name: Blake Sherman

Position: Chorus Member

What drew you to join the chorus?

I was drawn to the chorus because I’ve always been a part of choirs/concerts/theater etc. After moving to CT, I was not part of anything for the first time and I wanted that back in my life. Also Greg kept mentioning HGMC to me at karaoke nights so here we are.

What do you enjoy the most about being involved with this chorus?

I enjoy how friendly everyone is. I’ve only lived in CT for a little over a year now (and half of that was COVID) so I felt disconnected from the larger population who aren’t the college students I’m constantly surrounded by.

What value does being in the chorus bring to your life?

Being in the chorus gives me a better connection with the community and overall peace of mind from having a musical outlet that isn’t me cooking or in the shower/car 😅

Why is music and/or the arts important to you?

Music has always centered and grounded me. I live a pretty fast paced life style  and so music has always been the constant that slows me down.

Although it may come off as I’m originally from Rhode Island because I did both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees there, I’m actually from the literal Northwest corner of Massachusetts (Williamstown, MA). One town North is Pownel, VT and one town West is Stephentown, NY.