Member Spotlight

March, 2021

Tom Omlor

Name: Tom Omlor

Position: Baritone

What drew you to join the chorus?

I’ve always had an appreciation for music.  When the COVID pandemic hit, many choirs more or less disbanded.  The church choir in which I formerly sang was also affected, and it disbanded.  I met a couple gentlemen who are members of the HGMC, and they encouraged me to audition.  I am very glad they did, and I am very glad I did audition.  From the performances I’ve had the privilege to watch, I’ve always found the HGMC to be a talented group of men who love to share their gifts with their audience.

What do you enjoy the most about being involved with this chorus?

I love the music that’s being put forth.  And even though I’m a very recent new-comer to the group, I feel I’ve been accepted as part of the crew.  The comradery and the fellowship within the group has been amazing, and I can see why this group is as popular as it is.  Everyone here is very professional in their music and demeanor.  But what I enjoy the most is the music.  It’s an honor singing with this crew.

What value does being in the chorus bring to your life?

For me, again being a relative “new-comer”, being a member of this group has been priceless.  I can tell you that prior to my being a member, I was going through what one might call a dark period.  My husband passed away a year ago September, and I had such a sense of loneliness, and my attitude was one of – ‘Well now what do I do?’.  Then I was accepted into the Chorus.  They have been very accepting of me from day 1.  They’ve truly made me feel like I’m part of the group.  And now I have something to look forward to.  Sort of a sense of purpose.  I enjoy the rehearsals and seeing everybody there, even though it might be virtually.  I SOOOO look forward to when we can meet and sing together in person!

Why is music and/or the arts important to you?

Music has always been important to me.  I’ve always felt music can bring all people together.  We all have different thoughts and attitudes about all kinds of topics.  But when music in involved, we really learn to adapt to what others appreciate, and we can put our own spin on it.  And hopefully this spin will be appreciated by all parties involved.  I think that’s a huge problem with our society today.  We don’t work together for a common cause.  But music is a common cause.  And not to sound too crazy, but there is another area that I believe it’s important for me.  I believe very strongly in spirit.  I believe something continues when our time in this physical world comes to an end.  And IMHO, I believe music transcends our physical realm and reaches out to that other-worldly existence.  When we sing, be it for ourselves or for those loved ones no longer with us, this music reaches out.  And when it reaches out, it returns to us three-fold.  Can I prove this?  No.  But I have felt it.  And I continue to feel it.  But again, IMHO…

What is an interesting fact you would like our audience/patrons to know about you?

I love photography.  And my favorite subject is nature.  Everything from still things (flora), to creepy crawly things, to huge furry things (fauna)…and non-furry things (more fauna).