Member Spotlight

June, 2021

Jacob Lamoureux

Jacob Lamoureux

Name:Jacob Lamoureux

Title of Chorus Position: Member of the Board of Directors

What drew you to join the chorus?
After moving to Hartford a few years ago, I was looking for a way to connect with the intersection of the art and LGBTQ+ communities. I’m very excited to begin my role serving on the Board of Directors.

What do you enjoy the most about being involved with this chorus?
Meeting new people and learning from their passions!

What value does being in the chorus bring to your life?
A connection to my community! Like many, the pandemic has rejuvenated my appreciation for the people around me and the unique experiences we all bring to the table.

Why is music and/or the arts important to you?
The arts make the world go round! Art and music builds a community and reinforces its vibrancy and strength. I believe that to have a robust culture, we need to invest time and money into cherished art organizations in the state of Connecticut and beyond.

What is an interesting fact you would like our audience/patrons to know about you?
I’m a 2020 alumni from the University of Hartford! Originally from Burlington, VT, I permanently relocated to the amazing city of Hartford after I fell in love with it’s small city charm and history.

December, 2020

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